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Daisy Green Magazine find Service “quick and easy”

Daisy Green Magazine find Service “quick and easy”

Founder and managing director of Daisy Green magazine Nicola Alexander called after she was let down on an office in Gateshead. 48hours later, Nicola and the Daisy Green team had visited and signed for their new office with the help of’s account manager, Alastair Maloney.

Daisy Green Magazine is a publication for people who wish to live a more sustainable life, and the team help others by giving guidance, useful advice and forward-thinking ideas about all things green.

The magazine was started two years ago by self-confessed fairtrade lover Nicola, who was named one of the Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2010. The not-for-profit magazine has since grown in strength and now enjoys a unique readership of almost 30,000 a month. The rapid growth of the magazine, which now employs a team of five, led to Nicola’s search for a new office in the Gateshead area, and earlier this month she contacted for help.

“After I had been let down on an office space in Gateshead, I called and was put through to Alastair Maloney,” Nicola explained. “He was extremely courteous and knowledgeable on the phone, and reassured me that he would be able to help. The service he offered was so quick and easy.”

In order to give Nicola a suitable range of options, Alastair identified only the most relevant properties in the area that fell within the requirements of Daisy Green, before presenting the shortlist to Nicola and arranging tours of all the buildings.

“Within 2 hours I had an appointment to see office space not five minutes from my door,” she said.

Just a couple of days later Nicola had visited the centres, identified the most suitable, come to an agreement on price, and signed up for Daisy Green’s new office – all within the same week.

Their new office is located just south of Gateshead, in a modern building with plenty of room for future growth. Most importantly, the new office is within Daisy Green’s budget, which was one of the lead factors on their search for new premises.

“Importantly, Ally was obviously working on my behalf to ensure we got the deal we could afford, which for any company is vital,” Nicola said. “I want to thank Ally for all his help; we were signed up within 48 hours. I would certainly recommend Ally and to my own business clients.”

Nicola and the team moved into their new office in December.

Find out more about Daisy Green Magazine online at, on Facebook and on Twitter, or sign up to their free newsletter for the latest tips and discounts.

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