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Cut costs and boost morale with a flexible office

Cut costs and boost morale with a flexible office

Research by Avaya suggests that 67% of employees believe that flexible workers are happier, and 59% of employers say they are most likely to adopt flexible working arrangements to boost productivity. As reported in an article by My Business, flexible working is also said to make staff more loyal.

Serviced offices provide an excellent solution for flexible working, as they allow businesses to add or decrease the size of their office as they see fit.

For example, if a business has two floors of an office and chooses to allow some of its workforce to work from home, they can start to operate a hot-desking policy, where workers share and alternate desks as and when they’re in the office. This instantly reduces the amount of desk-space required, and means that part of the space can then be handed back to the office provider or sub-leased.

This can have immediate cost-saving and environmental benefits, as explained in our recent blog post: Tackle unused office space for a greener workplace

If you’re interested in finding out how serviced offices can help your business on its way to a more flexible policy, get in touch with our team for free expert advice.

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