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Customer Web Portal for Serviced Offices Launched by UltraSoft

Customer Web Portal for Serviced Offices Launched by UltraSoft

UltraSoft Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for the serviced offices industry, has launched its new Customer Web Portal, through which centre operators can interact with their customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The web portal is aimed to improve customer experience and reduce the cost of customer care. Integrated within a serviced offices website, it establishes an open line of communication between centre operators and their clients.

The new software will enable business centre operators to deliver the following main functionalities via their website:

  • Booking meeting rooms and services online
  • Delivering invoices and related information online
  • Logging and monitoring customer care queries online
  • Allowing customers to manage and update their profiles online
  • Publishing up-to-date centre information and procedures

The web portal utilises real-time data held in UltraSoft thus eliminating the need to update manually. It can be accessed anytime from anywhere via a computer, mobile phone or PDA.

Harun Biswas, Managing Director of UltraSoft Technologies Ltd said, ΓÇ£Our customers have waited a long time for the web portal to arrive, so it gives me great pleasure to announce today that itΓÇÖs here. We are confident that our web portal will make a big difference in the way business centres serve their customers, and we remain committed to develop the system furtherΓÇ¥.

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