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Creative Chaos V Pristine and Practical

Creative Chaos V Pristine and Practical

While those with pristine work areas are likely to be highly conscientious and well organised, others, like Gazetteer, show their creative and flexible attributes through what the firm calls a “more spontaneously organised” desk.

Those with pictures of family or friends on their desk and personal paraphernalia are likely to be more people-focused and motivated by interpersonal relationships. But those who have no personal objects are generally introverts, using folders and files to block out potential social interaction with colleagues.

Gazetteer is composing an e-mail to its friends in the health and safety department to explain the innate and therefore, immovable reasons behind the piles of ancient press releases, half-eaten chocolate bars and yellowing newspapers littering its own desk.

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Author: | June 30, 2008 | 0 Comments

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