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Could a ‘Work Buddy’ Boost Your Office Motivation?

Could a ‘Work Buddy’ Boost Your Office Motivation?

A work buddy could help keep you motivated in the office and provide expert advice

A work buddy is someone that you can collaborate with to help keep your mind focused. Whether you want to bounce ideas off someone, gain business advice or get a fresh perspective on solving a problem, a work buddy is someone you can turn to when the going gets tough.

Celine Roque from has been working with a work buddy for the last few months, and finds that it helps keep her on track with projects.

“She has become my go-to person for almost every concern I have with work,” commented Celine, “and I try to pay it back by doing the same things for her.”

This knowledge and encouragement-sharing process works both ways, but because of this, it is important to find the right ‘buddy’ to work with. If you can get this right, the benefits are huge.

“Since we’ve started this new working relationship, my output has become more consistent. I’ve also had the time to work on side projects that I was “too busy” to try before,” says Celine.

The Benefits of a Work Buddy

If you can find a work buddy that understands or operates in your line of work, their advice could be priceless – especially if you are new to the game or struggling to understand certain concepts. This also works for problem-solving. Having a fresh pair of eyes on a problem can provide an ‘outside the box’ perspective that you might have missed. Either way, it could save you a lot of time and effort.

Another key benefit is that a work buddy can help wonders with motivation. If you’re having an off day, you’re struggling with a project or you just canΓÇÖt get going, speaking to your work buddy can provide the right amount of ‘push’ that you need.

You may also find that more opportunities spring from your relationship with your work buddy – and with his or her contacts. For every suggestion or solution they throw your way, they might have a contact to help you out. They could also generate new clients for you.

Since we’ve started this new working relationship, my output has become more consistent. I’ve also had the time to work on side projects that I was “too busy” to try before.

Celine Roque –

What Should You Look for in a Work Buddy?

According to Celine, first and foremost, a work buddy should be someone that you respect.

“For me, this is the most important criterion for choosing a work buddy,” she says. “By choosing someone you respect, both professionally and personally, you are less likely to waste their time and more likely to make the most out of the relationship.”

It should also be someone that you trust. You wouldn’t want to tell your business secrets to just anyone, would you?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a great benefit if your work buddy understands your work. It also helps if you enjoy each other’s company outside of the office too, as this enables you to get a better understanding of each other and helps you to spot certain ‘signs’, such as when to give a motivating pep talk, or when to back down.

Celine also stresses that your work buddy should be someone who needs your help as much as you need theirs.

“For this to work, the two of you have to need each other, or else the relationship is going to feel one-sided. This could be someone who needs your skills, experience, network or even just your unique insight.”

Work buddies aren’t for everyone, but they certainly do work – as Celine has proven. Finding one can be tricky, given that you need to connect on a number of levels, but sometimes they emerge when youΓÇÖre not specifically looking for one.

However, if you are planning to go and seek out your work buddy, try becoming active on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You could also set up a blog, or become active in community sites such as business forums, or forums that sit within your line of work.

Have you got a work buddy to help keep you motivated in the office, and does it work well for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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