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A Complete Visual Guide to Office Temperature [infographic]

A Complete Visual Guide to Office Temperature [infographic]

One day we’re basking in thirty-degree heat, the next we’re shivering away as rain lashes against the windows. You’ve got to love the British weather. What’s more, abrupt changes make getting the temperature right in the office even more difficult than usual. 

As we wrote earlier this year: the wrong office temperature results in lost productivity. Getting it right, however, is no trifling matter. If only there were a handy visual guide summing up all the key facts you need to get the temperature right…

Luckily for us, the lovely folks over at Andrews Sykes have put together just such a guide (see below). Amongst other things, the infographic reveals the differences in temperature perception between men and women, and highlights key factors which affect our thermal (dis)comfort.

DonΓÇÖt set your thermostat without it.

Complete Visual Guide to Office Temperature [infographic]

Do you agree with the findings above? Do you work better when youΓÇÖre a little warm or a little cool?

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