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Colleagues Key to Happy Office

Colleagues Key to Happy Office

Getting on with your colleagues is the most important factor in achieving job satisfaction according to a new survey from, outstripping even the prospects of career progression for the average employee.

Over 500 employees from office space across the UK were surveyed, asking them which elements from their current role made them happiest. Interestingly those surveyed identified the possibility of career progression as only the second most important factor, with job satisfaction (19%), responsibility (15%), company culture (9%) and training and development (8%) all following in its wake.

ΓÇ£A lot of people think all people entering new roles care about is how much money they make. However these results show they couldnΓÇÖt be further away from the truthΓÇ¥ explained the firmΓÇÖs spokesperson Keren Mitchell.

ΓÇ£One thing that the results clearly show is that the majority of factors which increased happiness at work were not financially motivated, with employees who were able to better themselves and develop likely to be amongst the most satisfied.ΓÇ¥

Targeting a total of 520 employees, all of whom were within the first two years of their current role, the survey raises questions about the appetite for success amongst the modern British workforce.

With friendship and banter between colleagues taking the top spot, could the modern office worker simply be content to tread water? Has the legacy of the recession changed expectations and left people focused on retention rather than progression? Or does it hint at a fundamental change in the way work is approached and integrated into peopleΓÇÖs lives?

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Author: | June 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

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