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CoCredo Limited locate new office space at 12th century Abbey

CoCredo Limited locate new office space at 12th century Abbey

Global information provider and fraud protection specialists CoCredo Limited have recently moved into new office space at a historic Buckinghamshire Abbey, with the help of

Prior to contacting, CoCredo initially attempted to lease office space in other locations, including nearby Chesham, but met with several obstacles and eventually turned to for help with their office search.

“After several abortive attempts to move offices, we contacted,” said Richard Hogarth, joint Director of CoCredo Limited. “Their handling of our requirements was excellent throughout, and resulted in us obtaining the perfect offices for our business.”

Account Manager at Andy Bilson handled the enquiry, and the whole process – from initial contact through to signing for the new office in Great Missenden – took less than a week.

“It took just 5 days!” said Richard, adding: “The way that acted was so refreshingly different.”

The Abbey, which was built in 1133, was originally constructed for use as a religious base and remained that way for nearly 400 years. It later became a country mansion and, more recently, an educational venue with additional business and hospitality facilities.

Find out more about CoCredo’s move to this historic Abbey in our news article, here: Helps Business Service Firm Move into Historic Abbey.

To find out more about CoCredo Ltd and their global information provider services, including competitor analysis, fraud protection and methods to help reduce bad debt, visit their website at

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