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Cobalt Business Exchange: Video Tour is “valuable tool”

Cobalt Business Exchange: Video Tour is “valuable tool”

Victoria Hunt of Cobalt Business Exchange, a prestigious business centre located on the eastern edge of Newcastle, has recommended their video tour for the significant role it has played in their success this year.

The business centre is located within an impressive building within several acres of parkland, and offers fully serviced space across five floors of the property.

The video footage, which is supplied as a package by complete with full editing and a scripted voiceover, provides a mini-tour of the property and focuses on the key facilities and features of the centre, including the reception area, meeting rooms, conference facilities and a number of different office suites.

Also included in the video tour of Cobalt Business Exchange are some of their more unique features including a ‘Creativity Room’, which offers an intimate environment with semi-circle seating, plush cushions and presentation facilities.

“The Video tour has been a valuable tool to our centre this year,” commented Victoria Hunt of Cobalt Business Exchange. “I can genuinely say that a large part of this year’s success has been aided by the video tour – it just gives people that last push to come and see more.”

She added: “It is the shop front of my business and does attract people to come to the centre. It looks great on my website and it would have been a nightmare to arrange ourselves. It’s really good value for money and I would recommend it to everyone who’s not in Newcastle!”

Workplace conflict resolution firm, True North Mediation, recently moved into the business centre. Managing Director Syd Niven commented that the new office has given the company “the opportunity to make a step change in our business development”, and the team are settling in well in their new environment.

Watch the video in full and find out more about Cobalt Business Exchange online at

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