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City Office Workers Lack Concentration

City Office Workers Lack Concentration

Scientists have flown halfway around the world to sit with remote African tribes and confirm that, yes, people struggle to concentrate in noisy environments.

While this may come as no surprise, it’s a key factor in workplace dynamics which could come in handy when you or your employees struggle to concentrate in a noisy office.

Researchers from the University of London studied a remote tribe in Africa and analysed the concentration levels between those that stayed in rural quiet areas, and those that moved to the city. The findings show that the urbanised group found it much harder to focus their attention which, according to Researcher Karina Linnell, is because urban areas have “too much stimulation,” leading to a sense overload.

These results are nothing new. In 2011, Channel 4’s The Secret Life of Buildings carried out its own research and found that the constant noise of open-plan office space disrupted brain activity and impaired concentration.

Linnell believes that companies could take advantage of these findings by matching employees to their preferred work setting, in order to improve productivity levels. “What if, for example, companies realised certain tasks would be better carried out by employees based outside of the urban environment where their concentration ability is better?” she said, speaking to the BBC.

This might seem a big ask for small companies or those with just one office. But it is entirely feasible. The workspace industry is moving forward at a rate of knots. Flexibility is high on the agenda and workspace culture and design is evolving to place more emphasis on the wants and needs of office workers, rather than lumping teams together into ‘make do’ office space.

The serviced office industry is alive with thousands of business centres across the UK and globally that meet virtually every human need under the sun. Private space, quiet rooms, buzzy shared offices, informal coworking spaces, drop-in hot desks, corporate suites… the list goes on.

What’s more, even the most basic of serviced office properties have a range of offices in various configurations, so you can quite easily split teams or group them together, thanks to the flexible nature of serviced space.

And of course if you really need to get your head down, you can always disappear to a quiet meeting room or slip on a pair of headphones to drown out the chatter.

At we work with hundreds of business centres offering a vast spectrum of different office spaces, so why not challenge us to find your perfect office?

ItΓÇÖs much easier than flying to remote corners of Africa, and it might just be the best business decision you make this year.

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