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Christmas in London: A Time for Work or Play?

Christmas in London: A Time for Work or Play?

Christmas is a time to clock off and go home for the holiday. But is that really the case for a city that never sleeps? We look at the business to pleasure ratio in London on the run up to December 25th.

Perhaps the days of the extended Christmas break are over; after all, how many businesses can stay afloat in this economy by letting their employees off and throwing an expensive party?

We look at the statistics that are out there surrounding Christmas holidays in the capital.

Taking Time Off

The data doesnΓÇÖt look good for the Scrooge that is our fair and beloved capital. In December 2011, 35% of staff at management level in London declared that they would be working straight through Christmas and New Year.

84% of employees were required to take Christmas out of their annual leave entitlement if they wanted it, as 90% of businesses declared that they expected their staff to be there during the holidays.

The Christmas Party

A remarkable 44% of London businesses in the same survey undertaken by London Loves Business were found to be against holding a Christmas party. The reason? One in five identified it as an unnecessary expense.

Given how the year panned out for some workers, it looks like they could have used a party. One in ten middle managers didnΓÇÖt take a single day off last year and 57% only took a quarter of their full entitlement.

The Cost for Colleagues

How does London feel about the potential cost of Christmas? December is not known as the most cost-effective time of year and it can break the bank for some because of their Secret Santa and office party commitments.

Overall, 67% of managers in London would help pay for a shared event to celebrate the end of the year. 96% of employees in the over-55 category expect to have to pay in part for the office Christmas party but these days, one in five 35-44 year olds wouldnΓÇÖt part with a penny if asked.

How do you feel about Christmas? Would you be prepared to work through the break or is this a time to leave the office and spend the holidays with your family?

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