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Choosing the Right Telecoms Package for your Office Space

Choosing the Right Telecoms Package for your Office Space

It’s important to get the right telecoms package for your business.

Serviced office space provides businesses with many key benefits, including instant occupation, flexible terms and in most cases, a straightforward all-inclusive agreement.

While most serviced offices will provide key facilities such as telecoms, furniture and reception services, in some cases businesses may choose to organise their own internet or phoneline arrangements. However this alone can be a potential minefield, as choosing a suitable telecoms supplier can be a challenging and costly experience.

There are a number of key points to consider if you decide to go it alone, so we have outlined some of the main considerations with the help of Askmore Communications. It is worth bearing these in mind when researching your own telecoms package, or even when negotiating the services supplied by your office provider.

Points to Consider

Charges: From a tenant’s point of view, remember that if you wish to supply your own telecoms, these can come with charges such as installation fees. While these may be small one-off charges, it is worth reading the small-print to identify what these charges are, and how often they are payable.

Moving: You should consider what happens if you decide to move offices – be it to the room upstairs or to a new office in a different location. Will you lose your number, or is this transferable wherever you go? If so, will you have to pay another set of installation charges once you have moved?

Flexibility: How flexible is your telecoms agreement – does it require lengthy contractual terms, or can you choose short-term arrangements with the ability to pick and choose the services you require?

Capacity: Make sure that the system you use has enough capacity to suit your team, and has the potential to increase as your business expands. Where phonelines are concerned, it will need to provide enough lines to satisfy the needs of your team and your business.

Maintenance: Landlords are normally responsible for updating or replacing their phone systems, along with general maintenance of the equipment. But if you provide your own, you will usually have to update or replace the equipment yourself. Check with your service provider about call-out costs, and consider a form of insurance or guarantee to make sure you are not paying over the odds for running repairs or replacements.

Askmore Communications

Troubleshooting: Many centres have trained staff who know how to deal with issues in their own systems, which means they can often be resolved quickly and easily. However if you bring in your own telecoms you will normally have to resolve problems yourself. Make sure you have the time and the expertise – or the support in place to deal with this – before deciding to go it alone.

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We compiled this checklist with the help of Askmore Communications Ltd – one of the UK’s leading providers of telecommunication equipment and associated services. Askmore work with carefully selected partners to provide telecoms packages, including state-of-the-art equipment, services and on-going support.

Find out more online at, or by contacting consultant Jim Demitriou on or 07837 779344.

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