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Cheryl Cole Is NationΓÇÖs Favourite Water Cooler Topic

Cheryl Cole Is NationΓÇÖs Favourite Water Cooler Topic

The poll, run by, market leaders in helping businesses find office space, asked workers which celebrity they spent most time gossiping about with colleagues.

One fifth of respondents said they talked about the X Factor judge more than any other celeb, after a string of high profile stories ensured she featured regularly in the press.

Also on workersΓÇÖ lips were music mogul Simon Cowell (13%), footballer Wayne Rooney (12%), tabloid favourite Katie Price (11%) and groom-to-be Prince William (10%).

Pint-sized Cheryl-a-like Cher Lloyd and princess in waiting Kate Middleton, were also regular sources of water cooler banter.

Jungle whinger Gillian McKeith also featured in the top ten gossiped about celebs after her live faint on national TV during I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Jordan’s soon to be ex-husband Alex Reid also featured on the list which was compiled around the time the couple announced their split.

Football love rat John Terry also set office tongues wagging during the last 12 months.

Jim Venables, from, said itΓÇÖs no surprise that celebrities are a hot topic of conversation in UK workplaces.

He said:“We live in a celebrity obsessed culture and business workplaces reflect that. Workers usually end up chatting about last night’s television when they meet at the water cooler or at the photocopier.

ΓÇ£The celebs which came out at the top of our poll have all featured on our TV screens and in running news stories in our newspapers. Now we know they’ve also been thoroughly discussed in offices across Britain.”

The full results of the survey were as follows:

1. Cheryl Cole (20%)

2. Simon Cowell (13%)

3. Wayne Rooney (12%)

4. Katie Price (11%)

5. Prince William (10%)

6. Kate Middleton (9%)

7. John Terry (7%)

8. Cher Lloyd (7%)

9. Alex Reid (6%)

10. Gillian McKeith (5%)

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