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Celebrity Gossip: Curse of the Office?

Celebrity Gossip: Curse of the Office?

The world of celebrity is big business, but is the seemingly insatiable hunger for celeb gossip and other such nonsense (a purely personal opinion) generating too much hot air and not enough hard work in offices up and down the UK? Or can taking two minutes to discuss the latest antics of Cheryl Cole and Katie Price from the covers of Heat Magazine actually be a positive thing?

Everyone does it, whether leafing through a magazine, discussing last nightΓÇÖs television or arguing over ΓÇ£thatΓÇ¥ penalty decision on the weekend – the reality is that gossip has become a ΓÇ£normalΓÇ¥ fixture and fitting of the office space in which we work.

But according to research conducted on our American cousins, employees could be devoting significant chunks of their ΓÇ£workingΓÇ¥ day to very un-work related activities. In a survey conducted by AOL and, it was revealed that U.S. employees were spending an average of 2 hours every day (excluding lunch breaks) doing something other than that which they were being paid to do.

While social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook were shown to account for much of this wasted time, the reality is that a growing number of businesses are cutting-out access to such platforms at work in order to counteract the temptation to employees.

So if social-media-outlets such as Facebook, which effectively allows mere-mortals to become pseudo-celebrities/ stalkers to all of their collected ΓÇ£friendsΓÇ¥, is being cut-out of the workplace ΓÇô does this mean that good-old gossip will flow back into its place?

And if so, who are the celebrities, sports personalities and flavours of the moment that we will find ourselves unable to avoid discussing around the kettle?

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