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Celebrity Dream Boss ΓÇô the UK Decides

Celebrity Dream Boss ΓÇô the UK Decides

If you could pick any boss at all, who would you choose? Alan Sugar? Sharon Osbourne? Victoria Beckham? A recent survey asked UK workers about their ΓÇ£dream bossΓÇ¥. We review the results.

Richard Branson is the UKΓÇÖs ΓÇ£dream bossΓÇ¥ ΓÇô thatΓÇÖs according to a recent YouGov survey. One in five named him as their top choice and we have to admit, given his entrepreneurial spirit and repeated business successes, Branson makes a logical choice. But he wasnΓÇÖt the only celebrity on the list.

While weΓÇÖre slightly baffled by the people whoΓÇÖd choose Victoria Beckham or David Brent as a boss, the most surprising discovery of all is that 14% of UK employees believe they already work for their dream boss.

We round up the complete list below:

Richard Branson

Most popular in: Well, just about everywhere, but Branson was particularly popular in the West Midlands, where 33% would like him as their boss.

Least popular in: Wales, where he shares the top spot with Mary Portas.

Karen Brady

Most popular in: Northern Ireland, where 19% of workers name her as their top choice.

Least popular in: The North East, where she failed to gain a single vote.

Alan Sugar

Most popular with: People working for public corporations ΓÇô 14% think his no-nonsense approach makes him the perfect leader.

Least popular with: The charity and voluntary sector ΓÇô only 1% want him as their boss.

Mary Portas

Most popular in: Wales, where 13% of workers believe her mix of style savvy and business know-how make the perfect boss combination.

Least popular in: The North East, where like Karen Brady, she scored 0% of the vote.

Sharon Osbourne

Most popular in: The North West, and Scotland where she is rated more highly than Scottish celebrity entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne.

Least popular in: Northern Ireland ΓÇô Osbourne scored no votes at all here.

Duncan Bannatyne

Most popular with: Widowed people ΓÇô curiously, 10% identify Bannatyne as having the qualities of their ideal boss.

Least popular with: People from the West Midland and people with three or more children ΓÇô he got no votes from either group.

Victoria Beckham

Most popular in: The North East, where 4% of workers rate her management potential.

Least popular with: People with three or more children; despite having four children of her own, workers with large families donΓÇÖt see Victoria as boss material.

David Brent

Most popular with: Married people and Londoners ΓÇô he scored 4% of the vote across each group.

Least popular with: People in the North East, Wales and Northern Ireland were the most savvy when it came to identifying that a) David Brent is a fictional character, and b) HeΓÇÖs famous for being a terrible boss ΓÇô two very good reasons not to vote him the perfect boss.

Simon Cowell

Most popular with: Divorcees and Welsh people ΓÇô Cowell secured 3% of the vote among each of these groups.

Least popular with: Almost everyone else ΓÇô aside from the people mentioned above, no one was particularly keen on having Cowell as a boss, despite his phenomenal business success.

Current line manager/boss

Most popular in: Northern Ireland where 22% say their current boss is their ΓÇ£dream bossΓÇ¥ ΓÇô which either means Northern Ireland is full of great bosses, or workers are optimistic for a pay rise. Meanwhile, 21% of workers in the charity and voluntary sector also believe their current boss has got it spot on ΓÇô crucial in a sector which relies so heavily on staff giving their time for free.

Least popular with: People in the South East were least likely to rate their current boss, with only 10% describing them as the ideal person to work for.

What do you think? Who is your ΓÇ£dream bossΓÇ¥? What qualities should the perfect boss possess?

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