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Caught Napping at Work? ItΓÇÖs the Latest Office Trend

Caught Napping at Work? ItΓÇÖs the Latest Office Trend

Sleeping on the job is becoming an accepted practice in the office ΓÇô at least at some of the worldΓÇÖs most innovative companies. After all, twenty minutesΓÇÖ shut-eye can bring a far better productivity boost than caffeine-laden drinks. And itΓÇÖs got more health benefits too.

But itΓÇÖs not just about putting your head down and catching a few zzzs at your desk. The companies driving this trend are equipping their offices with specially designed snooze spaces. We take a look at some of the alternatives on offer.

Snooze like Google

When it comes to office design, where Google leads, the rest of us follow. Or at least look on in envy.

And now we know Google has these space-age nap pods, we want them too.

Known as EnergyPods, they have a range of settings to help workers (should that be nappers?) create optimal snoozing conditions.

Once youΓÇÖre inside and settled, the pod plays rhythms which are specially devised to promote relaxation and minimise background noise and other distractions.

The visor acts as a shield between you and the rest of the office without totally enclosing you, while the seat itself reclines to create a comfy resting position.

And relax…

We reckon many a worn-out worker will love the privacy and seclusion of the CalmSpace, described by its inventors as a plug-and-play power nap capsule for the office.

Similar to the EnergyPod, CalmSpace uses sound and light cycles to create the ideal sleeping environment. Sleep experts from Paris helped to devise the sequence which ends each power nap session with a blue light to wake the sleeper gently and leave them feeling energised.

CalmSpace sleeping pods were unveiled at the Orgatec exhibition 2012 in Cologne ΓÇô weΓÇÖll be watching closely to see whether they become a fixture of the office in the future.

Doze at your desk with the Ostrich Pillow

Looking for a more lo-fi alternative? The Ostrich pillow might be less tech-driven, but itΓÇÖs no less unusual.

There are no settings to select from with this one ΓÇô simply pull on the ostrich pillow and doze at your desk. ItΓÇÖs designed to create a cosy cave-like environment that helps you sleep, both muffling out the background noise and acting as a comfy pillow to rest your head.

The only downside? It might be a little too warm in this weather.

Could you power nap in the office? Or is it a bad idea to turn the workplace into a snoozing space?

EnergyPod image by Sellon kirjasto via Flickr.

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