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Calls for More Start-ups as West Midlands Unemployment Reaches 10%

Calls for More Start-ups as West Midlands Unemployment Reaches 10%

Unemployment in the West Midlands has now reached 10% of the population

New figures show that 9.9% of the West Midlands’ working age population are now unemployed, with the manufacturing industry suffering the worst decline and the service sector also experiencing tough times.

The region’s unemployment figures from September to November 2010 are 1% up on the previous quarter, around 26,000 people, and the West Midlands has now been officially classed as the worst in the UK in terms of unemployment.

With 264,000 out of work, further public sector job cuts on the horizon and the VAT increase likely to cause additional job losses, the immediate future looks bleak.

According to Christine Braddock, President of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, the number of unemployed people in the West Midlands had risen by 14,000 in the last month alone.

“These latest shocking figures are even more reason for the government to provide businesses with the freedom to create jobs and wealth,” she said, according to TheBusinessDesk.

“More employment and more start-ups are needed. Public sector cuts, coupled with this month’s VAT increase and more legislation and red tape, will have an even further negative effect on the business community.

“The government must tackle these obstacles, which are damaging employment and preventing many SMEs from getting ahead.”

According to the Chamber of Commerce, only 13% of manufacturers recorded an increase in their workforce during the last quarter of 2009, compared to 27% in Q3.

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