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Call of (Paintball) Duty: Team Bear vs. Team Badger

Call of (Paintball) Duty: Team Bear vs. Team Badger

Painting the Town Yellow:

On Saturday 19th February members of the team went a little bit Rambo, gearing themselves up for a day of paintballing and team building at EuropeΓÇÖs biggest paintball venue.

Despite the falling rain and early morning start, over 20 members of the team arrived at the venue looking surprisingly bright eyed and ready to go ΓÇô with a wealth of tactics and strategy on hand thanks to the many hours spent by the team (well mainly the boys) on Call of Duty: Black Ops.

With the option to upgrade your paint gun being wafted under our noses even before the first paintball was fired, this happy band of brothers soon found itself with an elite unit of paintball warriors (boys and their toys) ΓÇô complete with the kinds of sniper and assault rifles that would have made John Rambo look underprepared.

Broken down into Team Bear and Team Badger, the two groups faced-off in a series of games designed to test our team work, creative thinking and above all the lengths to which you will go in order to avoid being shot in the bottom by a paintball traveling at 250 feet per second.

The Day of the Bear:

Armed with our overalls, mask, gun and paintballs, the two teams played five ΓÇ£capture-the-flagΓÇ¥ style games with Team Bear establishing an early and resounding lead. After some solid team work and standout efforts by Chris ΓÇ£the BearΓÇ¥ Meredith and Marcus Shelton, Team Bear found itself ahead of Team Badger having established an 8 -3 lead at the end of game four.

We was robbed:

With just one game to go and only 3 points on offer, Team Bear was feeling happy and content at a job well done… or so we thought. Because it was at this point that the marshals revealed what would become a sting in the tale, with bonus points added to the mix.

Sitting slap-bang in the middle of the final arena was the shell of a helicopter – But with 1 bonus point on offer for every minute that is was occupied by a team – this exposed wreck became a ΓÇ£hot zoneΓÇ¥.

Despite the heroic efforts of Richard Horwell and Jan Rygielski, Team Bear was pushed back from the helicopter by the defensive juggernaut that was Stephen Preston. Unable to dislodge Team Badger from the helicopter the points began to grow and ultimately wipeout the 5 point lead created by Team Bear in the opening 4 games.

As a member of Team Bear, I am sad to say that Team Badger eventually won 14 ΓÇô 9.

Good Times

As with the go-karting event last year, a great time was had by everyone who was able to attend, with stories and memorable moments (and bruises, aches and pains) sure to be shared for months to come. So on behalf of the team a big thanks to Chris Meredith for organising everything!

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