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Business start-up support for enterprising students and graduates

Business start-up support for enterprising students and graduates

Amidst job securities, redundancies and rising unemployment figures, many budding entrepreneurs are taking matters into their own hands by setting up their own businesses.

And University students and graduates are no exception. But the route to success can be a difficult one, as a result of limited funding, resources, and trying to find a balance between work and study.

But that’s where young entrepreneur support network WestFocus comes in.

In an article by, we focus on the enterprising nature of students and graduates in Universities around the UK, and how they are receiving support from groups such as WestFocus.

Bridging the gap between higher education and the business world, WestFocus offers a network of support that provides help to acquire funding, find employment or placements, and gain new skills.

The scheme runs learning events and activities, through which students can learn to generate ideas and develop them to the point where they can take that all important step into setting up a business.

Dr. Martha Mador, Head of the WestFocus Entrepreneurship Centre says:

“We provide a safe learning environment where students can aspire to be and do more. It’s important for students to see entrepreneurship as a valid career choice, and also for them to be ready to be entrepreneurial within the over 3,000,000 small enterprises in the UK.”

There are a huge diversity of creative ideas coming forward, which shows just how much value enterprising students can add to the business world. Some of the ideas include online communities, property companies, and tennis schemes to name but a few.

For more details and to find out how to get help from WestFocues, go to for further information.

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