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Business Park Switches to Solar Energy as part of Government Scheme

Business Park Switches to Solar Energy as part of Government Scheme

Westcott Venture Park, a former RAF Airfield turned business park that provides office space located close to Aylesbury, has announced plans to convert its energy system to run on solar energy as part of a government incentive scheme.

Rockspring Property Investment Managers, who run the park, have already achieved planning permission for 1500 solar panels, with the aim of providing enough energy to power the entire park during daylight hours.

The park is eligible for the governmentΓÇÖs electricity feed-in tariffs, which is a scheme designed to encourage more property owners to use renewable energy sources.

The scheme was brought into play on 1st April 2010, and effectively allows the user to generate their own power using solar panels, which they can then sell to the electricity grid. Over time, the return is expected to pay for the cost of the solar installation, and the property owner could even start making money on their investment.

According to Property Week, Rod Mordey, Rockspring head of UK asset management, said: ΓÇ£This flagship project underlines RockspringΓÇÖs commitment to sustainability and will greatly assist with our long term goal of powering Westcott with 100% renewable energy.ΓÇ¥

Construction will begin in the new year with completion expected in the spring.

A former Business Centre of the Month winner ΓÇô The Office GroupΓÇÖs Farringdon Too ΓÇô is a sustainable office building in London that provides a number of different elements designed to lower the buildingΓÇÖs impact on the environment, and help reduce energy costs in the process.

The property provides solar panelling which is used for heating, and this is complimented by a range of other sustainable methods including green roofs, a wind turbine, rainwater harvesting and sensor lighting throughout.

As an existing property, the redevelopment process took place using recycled materials such as car tyres for the flooring.

Sustainable buildings are becoming an increasingly important part of our industry, and here at we are keen to stay abreast of how different office providers and developers are ΓÇÿgoing greenΓÇÖ.

Are you using renewable energy in your office building ΓÇô or do you plan to start using it in the future? Let us know by using the comment box below or email

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