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Business forums hit back on office space parking levy

Business forums hit back on office space parking levy

On Monday, we reported here on our blog about the government’s plans to charge employees up to ┬ú350 per year for a parking space, which is due to be trialed in Nottingham.

Numerous business forums and lobby groups have since hit back with fury. An article on Real Business asks “Has the government gone mad?”, while the Forum of Private Business has reportedly described this new tax as “scandalous”.

According to the article, Forum of Private Business chief executive Phil Orford says: “It’s the business equivalent to introducing a driveway tax to charge people for parking outside their own homes,” adding, “I would urge the government to shelve this scheme. If it wants to reduce congestion and pollution, it should concentrate on improving the quality and affordability of public transport, not penalising employers for taking cars off BritainΓÇÖs crowded streets.”

If the trial goes ahead, the scheme is expected to raise £11.3m a year for Nottingham City Council.

Comments on the Real Business site suggest that a petition should be formed, and that all employees should simply club together and refuse to pay. What do you think of the scheme? Have your say by commenting below.

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Author: | August 6, 2009 | 0 Comments

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