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Bromance Rules in the Workplace

Bromance Rules in the Workplace

HR Magazine has reported on research, headlining that 64% of men would prefer to work in an all-male setting, avoiding the “bitchy environment” caused by “some female colleagues”.

The online poll of 1,271 Britons, by HR consultancy Reabur, was conducted in order to learn more about how British workers felt about the workplace and their preferred choice of colleagues.

In contrast to the 64% of men mentioned above, 8% of men would prefer to work in an all-female environment with the majority citing increased “romantic opportunities”, whilst others reasoned that women offered “less competition”.

Interestingly, from a female perspective, it would seem that there was some agreement with the men. 59% of the female respondents revealed that they would also prefer to work with mostly males, with a third of these wanting to avoid the “bitchy environment” supposedly created in a majority female environment.

Also, like the men, those women who would prefer to be the only female in an otherwise all male workplace cited the “romantic opportunities” as the primary reason for this choice.

HR Magazine quoted co-MD of Reabur, Georgina Read, saying that: “This was an interesting study to conduct and I am surprised at the results. It is clear from the results that both sexes believe that men make the best work colleagues; apparently, because of the hostile or bitchy work environment women can create.”

Coincidently, at the end of last month the BBC reported on the average gender pay gap of male UK bosses being over £10,000 higher than their female equivalents. It seems to be mainly recognised that this is down to previous years of gender discrimination with this gap (slowly) closing, but perhaps this could also relate to some companies preferably having male employees?

Sitting on the fence and taking the easy option, here at we believe that it’s not down to a person’s gender but how they fit into a team based on their individual personality and what benefits they bring. However, we would like to know your opinions so please feel free to comment belowΓǪ

Do you prefer working with males or females?

Have you experienced a bitchy atmosphere in the office created by either sexes?

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Author: | September 16, 2011 | 3 Comments on Bromance Rules in the Workplace

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