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Broadband internet and serviced offices – a good deal?

Broadband internet and serviced offices – a good deal?
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When it comes to a good internet connection, it may be possible that some users rate the importance of broadband over a desk and chair… But just how effective and economical is broadband as part of serviced office space?

When signing up for a licensed or serviced office, the majority of office providers will include business technologies such as broadband within the rent, along with the likes of telephone lines and handsets. However, when breaking down the costs involved, in some cases the broadband and technology services may appear to be more expensive than a typical home internet provider. This may be so on the surface, but there’s more to consider behind the scenes…

Generally, broadband is graded by the maximum amount of information that can be passed up and down the cable. The nearer the cable gets to its maximum capacity, the slower the internet on your PC will operate. At home, it’s normal for entire neighborhoods to use the same broadband lines. As a result it’s therefore far more likely to operate slower because more people are using it. This scenario intensifies at weekends and early evenings, when typically people have come home from work and start surfing the net.

Another reason why home broadband can be slower is often down to the way that the internet service is advertised to you, which is not always reliable. An ISP (Internet Service Provider) will usually allow a greater number of subscribers than their connection network can handle, under the assumption that most users won’t be using their internet connection all day every day. This assumption generally works well most of the time, unless too many subscribers start using up the bandwidth, for example by watching videos or sharing large files across the internet. This can again slow down the connection speed, although this sort of activity is often closely monitored by the service provider to help keep the connection at a healthy speed.

The good news is that in a serviced office, the broadband line is usually dedicated to just the broadband users in that property, so your portion of the usage is much bigger than what you’d get at home. As a result, your internet should be quicker, hence the price is sometimes higher than you might expect.

Then there’s internet security. A serviced office provider will often have a tough online security system set up, in order to avoid disruption from computer viruses and hackers. Of course this comes at a price, which will usually be included in the overall cost of broadband services.

Serviced office providers will also often ensure that there is maintenance available by an on-site I.T. support person. This means there’s immediate help available should any problems crop up with the internet. This of course helps prevent disruption to your business – something that is essential to avoid in today’s competitive world.

All in all the cost of broadband as part of a serviced office agreement is well worth it, given the services that are usually thrown in. If you’re searching for office space with internet access and you need to know more about the broadband connection and services included, feel free to fire any questions over to us here at – you can comment on this article below, or contact us directly.

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