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British Land to build ΓÇ£CheesegraterΓÇ¥ office building?

British Land to build ΓÇ£CheesegraterΓÇ¥ office building?

According to reports on, landlord and property developer British Land is considering breathing new life into several developments, including the 47-storey skyscraper Leadenhall Building nicknamed the ΓÇ£CheesegraterΓÇ¥.

The possibility of British Land resurrecting such office buildings follows the confirmation of 465,000 sq ft of office space having been let by the property developer since February, including 89,000 sq ft by Gazprom at 20 Triton Street and 217,000 sq ft by financial group Macquarie.

The Leadenhall Building, like many other ambitious building projects such as Heron Tower and the Walkie Talky building, were mothballed during the recession. But as rents begin to rise and the existing levels of supply begin to diminish we may see the revival of yet more buildings from the shadows. If completed the 736 ft ΓÇ£CheesegraterΓÇ¥ office building, which earned its nickname because of its unique shape, it will provide 612,000 sq ft of London office space.

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