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BritainΓÇÖs Businesses are Shunning Coffee Shops

BritainΓÇÖs Businesses are Shunning Coffee Shops

A survey undertaken by serviced office provider, The Office Group, has found that most start-up business men and women find coffee shops impractical places to conduct their business away from home.

Of 500 entrepreneurs surveyed by The Office Group, a massive 87% of respondents considered the once-stereotypical vision of working from a coffee shop to be unrealistic.

The reasons for this are varied, from having nowhere to sit and receiving little or no Wi-Fi, to some the following, potentially more serious, reasons:

ΓÇó Over 60% claimed fear of losing valuable information by having their laptops stolen

ΓÇó Over 50% find lack of privacy in a public coffee shop unsettling

ΓÇó Just under 50% of those surveyed cited distracting levels of noise

ΓÇó Over 30% felt vulnerable to having strategies or ideas stolen by eavesdroppers

Fears of vulnerability are not unfounded, as the same survey discovered more than 25% of BritainΓÇÖs entrepreneurs have had items stolen while at work in a coffee shop. And according to The Office Group, among the most common items to go missing are business necessities such as mobile phones, laptops and memory sticks.

ΓÇ£Coffee shops used to be a good option if youΓÇÖd just started your business and needed somewhere to work from,ΓÇ¥ says Olly Olsen, a CEO of The Office Group. ΓÇ£But increasingly entrepreneurs are demanding an alternative.

“By buying a £2.60 drink every hour, coffee shop commuters are spending up to £390 a month to work in an undesirable environment. Aside from the security, lack of privacy and noise issues, the numbers just don’t stack up.”

Add to that a potential loss of around £700 a year in stolen valuables, and The Office Group supposes that the cost of choosing a coffee shop as a working venue could be seriously detrimental to young business.

What do you think? Do you enjoy the working environment of your local coffee shop, or have you found the risks too high?

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