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Breaking the Bank ΓÇô Luxury Office Items

Breaking the Bank ΓÇô Luxury Office Items

Last week a BBC article highlighted the Vertu Ti, the titanium framed, sapphire screened smartphone – which at nearly ┬ú7,000 will cost you almost as much as a small family car and see you raiding your piggy bank.

But rather than wondering who and how such luxury items can prosper in the current economic climate, we decided to take a look at some other day-to-day business items that are out there for those requiring the bling factor.

Vertu Ti ΓÇô Smartphone

Powered by the Android operating system and handmade in England, this impressive piece of kit will cost its owner £6,994.

While the Ti is not 4G enabled, the other tech contained beneath its titanium case is pretty slick, with the sound quality honed by Bang & Olufsen and ΓÇ£musical punctuationΓÇ¥ from the London Symphony Orchestra.

As you may have guested from the price, Vertu does not focus on producing phones for the mass market, instead delivering a range of products that are hand assembled and only available to purchase in 500 outlets Worldwide.

Parnian ΓÇô Desk Space

Combining artistic flair and craftsmanship, the Furniture Desk from Arizona based Parnian is the ultimate executive desk – reportedly commanding a price of £129,000 ($200,000).

Handcrafted, hand-painted and completely bespoke, the desk is part of the Signature Collection created by Parnian which was founded in 1977.

The desk is finished with a 35 step resin seal, so you will be glad to know that it is well protected from a spilled cup of coffee ΓÇô but we would still recommend you use a coaster.

Aurora – Fountain Pen

Produced in Italy by the Turin based firm Aurora, the Diamond Fountain Pen is as glitzy a pen as can be imagined – with a reported price tag of around £940,000.

Featuring 30 carats of diamonds, a solid gold nib and with only one produced each year; the Diamond Fountain Pen represents the height of writing luxury and is widely reported to be the most expensive pen in the world.

Needless to say normal office rules donΓÇÖt apply, as chewing it could be costly and the chances of you letting a colleague ΓÇ£borrowΓÇ¥ it being pretty slim.

While you are unlikely to be sitting behind a handcrafted desk doodling with your diamond pen while reading this, why not take a look around and let us know what the the most expensive item on your desk is?

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