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Bosses Say Staff Wear Too Much Makeup

Bosses Say Staff Wear Too Much Makeup

32% said strong coloured lipstick was “too much” in a working environment.

Over a third of UK bosses believe that female employees wear too much makeup according to a survey conducted by

Top of the list came overpowering lipstick, with 32% of those surveyed saying that they found strong coloured lipstick to be ΓÇ£too muchΓÇ¥ when in a working environment. Second in the list was over made-up eyes, which 28% of those bosses polled stated that they found distracting.

Also making the list of workspace dislikes were too much blusher, heavy mascara and the use of the wrong coloured foundation.

In contrast those with heavily painted nailed were cut some slack, with those questioned stating that well-kept nails were preferred over stubby or chewed tips as they helped to deliver a more professional appearance.

Commenting on the surveyΓÇÖs finding explained:

ΓÇ£Most of us try to look our best at work but sometimes people may go over the top to impress.ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what one person likes, another may well hate but the common theme was that less really was more when it came to professional appearance.

ΓÇ£The bosses we spoke to had no problem with people making an effort to look good in the office but sometimes had an issue with the quantity or quality of makeup used.ΓÇ¥

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