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Boring Offices Stifle Creativity

Boring Offices Stifle Creativity

From ΓÇ£demotivatingΓÇ¥ to a ΓÇ£creative and cultural desertΓÇ¥, UK office workers believe that their boring offices are stifling their ability to be creative.

ThatΓÇÖs according to a survey by fit out and refurbishment company Overbury, who polled 2,000 office workers across the UK. They found that 36% of UK office workers say their office is ΓÇ£demotivatingΓÇ¥, while 25% describe it as ΓÇ£sedate and silentΓÇ¥ and 8% as a ΓÇ£creative and cultural desertΓÇ¥.

It wasnΓÇÖt all bad news though. The survey revealed a number of constructive ways in which employers can make their office more creative ΓÇô and they donΓÇÖt need to make like Google by installing slides and games rooms.

1. More social space

25% of employees identified this as critical to improving creativity in their office, while 40% of office workers believe that better quality common areas and social space enhance collaboration and creativity.

For some, that might mean a simple breakout area with comfy chairs, while others might enjoy a designated dining area ΓÇô todayΓÇÖs workplace can be adapted in a variety of ways to provide employees with more chances for informal collaboration.

2. Better heating or cooling

Whether itΓÇÖs too hot or too cold, weΓÇÖre always complaining, so itΓÇÖs no surprise that 24% of workers think that having a better heating or cooling system in the office is key to improving their creativity. After all, numerous studies have investigated the link between workplace temperature and productivity , and improved concentration is bound to have an impact on creative thinking too.

3. Food and drinks provided onsite

22% of office workers think that having food and drink provided by their employers would make them more creative. As a goodwill gesture, this is bound to make workers feel more motivated, but the real value is likely to be in giving them the opportunity to eat together – for example in a shared onsite café –creating the ideal opportunity for collaboration and discussion in a more informal setting.

4. Install better quality furnishings

21% of office workers say better quality office furnishings would help them generate more creative ideas. Comfortable chairs and smart furnishings can provide a working environment in which employees feel able to relax ΓÇô something which is crucial for encouraging the flow of creative ideas.

5. Offer nicer coffee

Coffee has long been associated with stimulating thought processes and creativity, but what 18% of office workers want is better quality coffee. And thatΓÇÖs probably something all offices can implement.

What would help you be more creative in the office? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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