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Blunders On The Electronic Superhighway

Blunders On The Electronic Superhighway

True or not, this dubious statistic gives the online office letting company the excuse to remind us of our “netiquette” (press “reply to sender” not “reply to all”) and to recount some choice e-blunders:

  • The manager who accidentally sent details of all his employees’ salaries on a company group e-mail. Realising his error, he set the fire alarm off to clear the office before going round and deleting it from every inbox.
  • An IT professional unwittingly managed to “out” a pal to his family. Having received a chatty group e-mail from his mate who had moved to New York, he replied suggesting it would be a great opportunity for him to find himself a new man. But he hit
    “Reply to all”, thus revealing his friend’s hidden sexuality to his nearest and dearest.
  • Following a sick day, an employee sent an e-mail to a friend explaining his illness was due to “class As”. Unfortunately, he sent it to everyone in his company including the senior management. He was sacked.
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Author: | July 24, 2007 | 0 Comments

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