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Big Business Bucks: Famous Logo Designs

Big Business Bucks: Famous Logo Designs

When it comes to designing or commissioning your company logo, how much would you pay?

In a feature recently circulating on the worldwide web, the cost of famous logo designs was revealed ΓÇô from $0 all the way up to $211 million.

But what of the stories behind these logo creations and how they came to cost from nothing at all to a massive share of company profits?

Google – $0

Google, now one of the most famous companies on Earth, had its logo designed by co-founder Sergey Brin when the company changed its name from ΓÇÿBackRubΓÇÖ in 1998.

Brin used a free graphics programme called GIMP to type out the first ever Google logo which remains very similar to this day.

This early logo featured an exclamation point to imitate their old competitors, Yahoo!, and a series of prime colours with one green ΓÇÿlΓÇÖ to show that Google didnΓÇÖt quite play by the rules.

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Twitter – $15

The Twitter logo was not designed for the social engine, but was created independently as a graphic design of a bird on a swirling branch, by Simon Oxley.

The early Twitter owners purchased non-exclusive rights to the bird design for a mere $15.

In reality, Oxley himself is likely only to have received less than $6 of this, but in the years since it became famous he will have undoubtedly earned more from the many purchases of the image for reproduction purposes.

Image Source

Nike – $35

The Nike logo ΓÇô famously now known as ΓÇÿThe SwooshΓÇÖ ΓÇô was designed by Carolyn Davidson, a Portland State University student, in 1971.

Seeing the design, Phil Knight, the future co-founder of Nike, told Davidson that he ΓÇÿdidnΓÇÖt love itΓÇÖ but thought he could ΓÇÿget used to itΓÇÖ.

The young freelancer billed Knight for $35. In the 1980s, Knight rewarded Davidson further with a diamond Swoosh ring and stocks in the world-famous company.

Image Source

BBC – $1.8m

From $35 we leap up into the millions with the current BBC logo, which cost the company a reported $1.8 million to have designed as an adaptation from its historically similar brand.

An interesting fact about the current logo seen across the BBC is that is has been rendered in the font Gill Sans, which was created by Eric Gill ΓÇô Gill was the ΓÇÿkey sculptorΓÇÖ of the BBC Broadcasting House in 1932.

Image Source

BP – $211m

In one all-encompassing brand repositioning that took place between BP and the creative agency Landor, the petrol companyΓÇÖs new logo emerged with a whopping $211 million price tag.

The ΓÇÿHeliosΓÇÖ was designed to signify the re-emergence of the company with bold colours, natural associations and a green commitment to preserve the environment.

After the infamous oil spill of 2010, this expensive logo was taken over by green activists who displayed a petrol-soaked version featuring a dying sea bird.

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