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Big Al Tests the New Kitchen

Big Al Tests the New Kitchen

Research suggests that tea breaks at work can cost employers around £400 a year in lost hours. But with the construction of a new kitchen for’s Marketing and Finance office, the distance between 14 tea-loving employees and their kettle is now halved; resulting in less time spent trekking to and from the kitchen.

The new kitchen has just been installed, and what a smart fit-out it is! Based within a disused alcove – formerly a storage space – within our Grade II listed mill, the new cupboards and worktops have certainly brightened up the place and injected a bit of modernisation into our quirky old building.

The photograph shows Alec Ryan, otherwise known as Big Al (or Obi Wan or Al-ec Bald-win), using the brand new kitchen to make an afternoon mug of tea.

Alec himself is another new addition to the family, having joined just five weeks ago. This snap of his dexterous kettle handling seemed the perfect opportunity to introduce him to the wider world… by this I do of course mean the readers of our blogΓǪ and not that he has previously led a hermit like existence from a shed in Lichfield.

Alec is working as part of our marketing team in the position of Marketing & Operations Assistant, and is responsible for analysing data, helping out with our research, generating reports as well as tapping into his design background to help out in a variety of areas.

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