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Beachside Business Base: Best Office Perk Ever?

Beachside Business Base: Best Office Perk Ever?

As office perks go, being sent to work at a beachside office sounds too idyllic to be true. Or is it?

Beach Office Worker Enjoys Sun

ItΓÇÖs already a reality at recruitment firm Spencer Ogden which sends its highest performers for a stint working from their overseas office ΓÇô on the beach in Ibiza.

A novel way to motivate its sales team, certainly; but the beach office is also a smart move. By offering their best staff a blend of sun, sea, sand and sales calls, they get to reward them with a holiday without losing out on productivity.

Want your own sunny satellite office? Here are five destinations where youΓÇÖll find glorious sunshine and serviced offices.

Dubai, UAE

If you like your sunshine scorching then Dubai in high season is the place to be. Average maximum temperatures reach 39┬░C during August, while the average high in July and September is 37┬░C. In fact temperatures usually creep into the thirties by April and stay there until November.

ItΓÇÖs also the land of truly impressive skyscrapers, many of which contain offices. As youΓÇÖd expect, that also means premium serviced offices for those in search of a temporary business base in the city. This business centre on Sheikh Zayed Road is a great example of the serviced space available in Dubai.

Sydney, Australia

A retreat for the winter months, with SydneyΓÇÖs climate normally at its hottest during December, January and February when you can expect average maximum temperatures of 26┬░C. It cools considerably from May through to September, although itΓÇÖs a spectacular city to explore at any time of year.

Many of the cityΓÇÖs high-rise office buildings provide views over Sydney Harbour; AustraliaΓÇÖs most iconic skyline. Away from the office, the world-famous Bondi Beach is just five miles from the city centre.

Discover a selection of serviced offices in Sydney here.

Tunis, Tunisia

TunisiaΓÇÖs capital city is warmest in August when you can expect average maximum temperatures in excess of 30┬░C. It is a sunny destination for much of the year and you can expect temperatures above 20┬░C from May to October.

Out of hours, it’s a place rich with history: souqs, winding streets and hidden cafés are just some of the places to explore and discover. But of course you don’t need to wait until the work day is over to enjoy this destination. This business centre, in the affluent Les Berges du Lac area, offers views across the Lake of Tunis, together with a comfortable working environment.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is hottest in July and August when the average maximum temperature is 28┬░C. The warm weather normally begins in May and continues through into October; however thatΓÇÖs not the only reason people head to Barcelona. The cityΓÇÖs cultural scene is a particular highlight, especially its festivals, architecture and art galleries.

YouΓÇÖll find plenty of serviced office options in SpainΓÇÖs second largest city. At the heart of BarcelonaΓÇÖs business district is this business centre; furnished in a traditional style, it feels both professional and homely.

Cape Town, South Africa

Ideal for active outdoorsy types, the temperatures in Cape Town donΓÇÖt often reach scorching heights, but nor do they often dip below 10┬░C either. For most of the year, expect temperatures which are moderately consistent and make it pleasant to explore the great outdoors.

This means ample opportunities to enjoy the spectacular views, beaches and mountains which make up the Cape Town landscape.

When itΓÇÖs time to do some work, this business centre in central Cape Town offers a flexible range of offices and business space, including meeting rooms and hot desking facilities.

Feeling inspired? Find more offices in sunny destinations with our international office search.

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