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BBC Radio WM Welcomes Jim Venables on the Air

BBC Radio WM Welcomes Jim Venables on the Air’s founder and Managing Director Jim Venables has been on the air this morning with BBC Radio WM, speaking to Phil Upton on the Breakfast show.

Following yesterday’s announcement that Jim is allowing staff to leave early today to catch England’s vital World Cup clash with Slovenia at 3pm (GMT), he has been speaking about the decision on the radio and explaining his reasons for giving staff extra time off.

Upon finding out that Jim plans to stay behind at the office to man the phones and keep business ticking over, Phil opened his questioning with “Don’t you like football?”, to which we already knew what Jim’s answer would be: “I love football!”

Explaining his reasons, Jim said: “Firstly, we are in the business-to-business sector, and our phones won’t be ringing very much from 3pm this afternoon.” Rather than keep staff behind who would have “one eye on the score” and lose concentration at work, he said that he would prefer to let them go so they can focus on the game.

“As you said earlier Phil, it’s the national game, and it’s the World Cup – it only happens once every four years and this is a vital match, so we will down tools this afternoon, focus on the game and enjoy it.”

Phil challenged the notion of giving staff time off when the economy is still very unstable.

Jim replied, commenting that the “last 12 – 18 months have been tough, but we are having our best month in that time and the team are working very hard to make that happen. They’re a good bunch, they work hard and they deserve it. Hopefully they will all come back to work better for it tomorrow morning, refreshed and ready to go.”

To make it fair, the few staff who are staying behind in the office alongside Jim this afternoon will also get an extra half-day holiday allowance.

Let’s hope the extra support will help England through to the next round!

Will you be watching England’s World Cup tie against Slovenia, or will you be staying behind at the office to keep business ticking over?

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