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Basepoint Celebrates 20 Years of Flexible Workspace

Basepoint Celebrates 20 Years of Flexible Workspace

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of flexible workspace operator Basepoint. We caught up with their Managing Director Brian Andrews to talk sustainable communities, corporate social responsibility and the Basepoint success story so far.

Basepoint Business Centres 20th Anniversary

If you could sum up the Basepoint philosophy in one sentence, what would it be? 

We are committed to providing a comprehensive range of high quality, flexible workspaces to the communities where we operate, as well as supporting The ACT FoundationΓÇÖs mission to help people less fortunate than ourselves.

The flexible workspace industry has changed considerably over the last twenty years; what do you think have been the most important changes during this time?

The biggest change over the last twenty years has been the improvements in communication technology.

The increased usage in both telecoms and broadband over the years has meant that flexible office space providers such as ourselves have had to keep ahead of growing demands, and be at the forefront of technology so that we can continue to provide leading edge services to our clients, without which most companies in the modern world would fail.

What have been the biggest changes for Basepoint during this period?

WeΓÇÖve changed and adapted our offering over the years to suit the type and style of evolving businesses and their requirements. One of the biggest changes was adapting our licence agreements as it was apparent, particularly during the recession, that larger downsizing companies were looking for more than ΓÇ£easy in, easy outΓÇ¥ agreements and were searching for additional security without the longevity of long-term leases.

What do you think sets Basepoint apart from other business centre operators?

We look to provide the right infrastructure and environment which encourages and nurtures business growth not only within our centres but also in the local community.

We do much more than simply ΓÇ£houseΓÇ¥ businesses; we actively encourage intercompany development and trading, as well as regularly hosting free networking events for licensees and the wider business community.

We are also owned by The ACT Foundation, a leading UK grant making charity, so 100% of our profits are put back into the charity, offering support to those people in society who need it most such as the elderly, the disabled, and the disadvantaged.

All Basepoint centres provide financial support to a local charity ΓÇô how important do you think ties with the local community are for ensuring business centre success?

The benefit of working with local charities is that it helps develop sustainable communities, which can be crucial to the survival of any small business; the links that we help to forge with the community may well be the customers or licensees of the future.

We will always endeavour to integrate our centres into the local community and support local charities as part of our ongoing strategy for corporate social responsibility.

WhatΓÇÖs been your biggest success story to date?

All businesses set goals and milestones, so for Basepoint, celebrating twenty years this year is a phenomenal achievement.  The sector has seen lots of changes over the years with many business centre companies falling by the wayside, so to see Basepoint continually develop and expand in both geographical terms and its understanding of the marketplace during this time, is a great success.

Additionally, since being owned by The ACT foundation, Basepoint has donated £14.35m to local charities by way of matched fundraising, supported by each of the Basepoint Centre teams, another great success.

WhatΓÇÖs next for Basepoint?

We will continue to expand by acquisition and the development of our managed portfolio, but the intrinsic aim is to continue to support The ACT Foundation and help it to deliver on its mission to help those less fortunate.

We see Basepoint as one of the leading players in the provision of office space for SMEs, and take pride in the fact that our teams continually strive to lead from the front, something that we hope to continue well into the future.

From everyone here at officebroker weΓÇÖd like to wish Basepoint congratulations on reaching their 20th anniversary milestone. We look forward to seeing whatΓÇÖs next.


(Image top: 20th Anniversary Celebrations at Basepoint Crawley.)

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