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Attention Falls Into Deficit In The Office

Attention Falls Into Deficit In The Office

The term was coined in 2007 by Dr Ned Hallowell, an American psychiatrist, who noticed that office Workers were reporting symptoms consistent with ADD – a neuro-behavioral condition that usually develops in childhood.

Symptoms include a poor eye for detail, forgetfulness, short attention span, listening problems, an inability to follow simple instructions, poor organisational skills, avoidance of tasks involving mental effort and the loss of important information.

Jim Venables, managing director of said: “Everyone has a breaking point when put under a lot of stress. When this point is crossed we literally break down and our attention diminishes.”

But, never fear, help is at hand, in the form of’s top tips including: prioritise your workload daily; take regular breaks, leave your desk and drink plenty of fluids; and if your body is telling you to stop don’t ignore it. Time for a coffee break, anyone?

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