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Are You Social? Find Us Online!

Are You Social? Find Us Online!

Recently, has gone social, reaching out to our colleagues and business partners all over the social web so that we can have more opportunities to talk directly with you.

If youΓÇÖre on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or LinkedIn ΓÇô weΓÇÖd love to see you! And if youΓÇÖre not sure of any of these channels or where to find us, read on for more information and more ways to get in touch…


Vital Stats: 140 million users send 340 million tweets a day

Where to Find Us: @officebrokercom

Twitter is designed to deliver news and information fast, in 140 characters or less ΓÇô it currently delivers around 4000 tweets of new information every second.

We’re on Twitter sharing news and views and connecting with business centres, partners and clients on a daily basis with fast, fun updates. We’d love to see you there…


Vital Stats: 800 million users update 532 million statuses a day

Where to Find Us: officebrokercom

Facebook is the most used, longest used and best loved of all the social platforms as over 4.7 billion minutes are spent on the site every day, updating around 6200 statuses every second.

Find us on Facebook where we can post fun, fresh content and interesting news from the world of work and office space for you to browse at your leisure.


Vital Stats: 90 million users ΓÇô 20 million of whom visit every day

Where to Find Us:

Google Plus is GoogleΓÇÖs answer to the social revolution. Google is introducing Search Plus Your World, whereby they will use your Google Plus profile and the results your friends like to influence what you find online.

So weΓÇÖve signed up to make friends and influence people with the idea that, if you trust us and have enjoyed working with us in the past, youΓÇÖll be interested to learn our recommendations.


Vital Stats: 10.4 million users visit 17 million times every day

Where to Find Us:

Pinterest is an image-based social platform where you can pin the images you love and share them with your fellow pinners.

Pinterest is growing from strength to strength as more and more people become addicted to the beautiful pictures and great ideas. Come and find us there for images of nice offices and the goings-on here at


Vital Stats: 147 million users contributing to around 1.3 million Groups

Where to Find Us:

LinkedIn is businessΓÇÖs social media platform ΓÇô designed for and used by professionals and companies to collaborate and network online. 2 million companies are currently doing just that.

We donΓÇÖt just have a company profile but a Group page as well, where we share conversations and great ideas about the industry. You can also join a public Group we help to look after, simply called Office Space.

Got any questions or comments about social? Don’t hold back! Come and find us around the social web or comment in the box below…

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