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Are you having an office Christmas party?

Are you having an office Christmas party?

It seems that many businesses are toning down their festive party plans this year. A common theme is cost-cutting, as the recession drags on and the credit crunch continues to bite. Some are shelving their plans amidst redundancies. Others face their busiest time at Christmas and choose to party in the New Year instead.

Figures from YouGov suggests that less than 4 in 10 office workers will have a festive party this year, while 1 in 6 admitted that they would help fund the event themselves.

Does this spell the end of the traditional work’s Christmas do, or is it merely an ‘off year’ that will be back in full swing come this time in 2010?

Speaking to the BBC, office worker Steve says their party plans were cancelled “mainly to save cash,” but admitted that the official reason was because it would appear insensitive to staff that had been made redundant in November. He added, “In past boom years we have even put everyone up in a hotel for the night.”

The BBC’s contribution to staff parties has reportedly dropped from ┬ú50 a head to zero in three years, while automobile firm Honda have left our the annual ‘do for the first time, since making 1,300 people redundant at their Swindon branch.

However other firms are determined to go ahead with some form of celebration, to show their appreciation to their staff’s efforts.

Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Institute, Ruth Spellman, says: “Particularly this year, people have been working twice as hard just to stand still, it’s important to show staff their efforts have not gone unnoticed. If they feel they are going unnoticed they will feel ‘why do I bother’.”

She adds, “The whole point of the Christmas party is saying thank you for all the things they have done throughout the year, it’s an appropriate time to draw a line under a year and say ‘let’s move forward now’.”

Are you having a Christmas party this year? If not, why not? Get in touch by leaving your comments below.

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