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Are you an “ideas hamster” or ready to “plug and play”?

Are you an “ideas hamster” or ready to “plug and play”?
  1. Calling a colleague a ΓÇÿ404ΓÇÖ (as in the web error message 404: Not Found) for being completely useless.
  2. Saying you will ΓÇÿknife and forkΓÇÖ a task ΓÇô in other words, manage it bit by bit.
  3. Claiming at an interview that you are ΓÇÿready to plug and playΓÇÖ- in other words you are fully trained and can start the job immediately without any support or training.
  4. Offering to ΓÇÿbookmarkΓÇÖ someone you meet at a conference (taking note of someone and their contact details).
  5. Inviting colleagues or staff to a ΓÇÿthought showeringΓÇÖ session ΓÇô the supposedly now PC term for brainstorming.
  6. Referring to your PC as the ΓÇÿsquare headed spouseΓÇÖ.
  7. Declaring that there is an ΓÇÿelephant in the roomΓÇÖ or indeed a ΓÇÿ100lb gorillaΓÇÖ. What you actually need to do is be the one to admit that there is a big problem that everyone is ignoring.
  8. Describing yourself as being ΓÇÿbehind the curveΓÇÖ ΓÇô in other words, claiming you have a grip on modern technology and life.
  9. Talking about ΓÇÿswallowing the frogΓÇÖ when tackling a particularly horrible task
  10. Talk about spending the afternoon ΓÇÿin the fieldΓÇÖ ΓÇô everyone will know youΓÇÖre skiving!

ΓÇ£There is a lot of inane office terminology out there, picked up by ambitious people who adopt it as part of their language in a bid to fit in,ΓÇ¥ says Jim Venables, managing director of ΓÇ£But we say thereΓÇÖs nothing like good, honest straight talking to see you on your way to success in business.

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