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Are you a Dormant Entrepreneur?

Are you a Dormant Entrepreneur?

Are we a nation of shopkeepers, or a nation of dormant entrepreneurs? Well according to a recent survey, over a third of UK workers believe they have what it takes to bring a business to life.

In the survey, commissioned by Orange, 37% of those in full time employment believe they have an idea which could turn into a successful business. These ΓÇ£dormant entrepreneursΓÇ¥, who identified Sir Richard Branson as the most admired self-starter, also revealed that their ΓÇ£EurekaΓÇ¥ moment came while in some unusual places.

Topping the list of creative places was… the bed – with 17% saying that the idea for their business was dreamed-up beneath the duvet. Other popular locations included the pub (where many “great” ideas are discovered) and while on holiday.

The second most popular location was at work ΓÇô raising the question, amongst managers and bosses alike, about what they could achieve if they were focusing on the job-at-hand rather than dreaming up a new business plan!

While the charismatic head of Virgin was identified as the entrepreneur UK workers would most like to emulate, the importance of TV ΓÇ£Business PersonalitiesΓÇ¥ was revealed ΓÇô with Sir Alan Sugar, Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis, and Deborah Meaden also securing their place in the poll.

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