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Architects Redesign London in Eco-Vision

Architects Redesign London in Eco-Vision

A collaboration between Mayor Boris Johnson and the Landscape Institute this year saw designers competing to create a suspended eco-zone similar to New YorkΓÇÖs High Line.

The winner, announced yesterday, was the ΓÇÿPop DownΓÇÖ project (pictured) designed by Fletcher Priest Architects. ΓÇÿPop DownΓÇÖ would see abandoned underground Mail Rail tunnels become mushroom farms open for the public to visit.

But what of the runners-up? This is what London could have looked like, according to a handful of the shortlisted designers of the High Line competition.

Green Arteries

The ΓÇÿGreen ArteriesΓÇÖ project designed by Bell Phillips would see flyovers throughout London become green arteries of the City, filled with flora and reducing heat and noise pollution.

Roots for the Future

HASSELL birthed the idea for ΓÇÿRoots for the FutureΓÇÖ; the planting of mini-woodlands in every abandoned plot of land in London, including derelict spaces and old car parks. The project was dubbed ‘indus-tree-ous’.


An idea somewhat given away by its name, ΓÇÿBridge-ItΓÇÖ is a scheme to create bridges between existing cycle-ways. London would have another map like the underground, but for overground eco-routes.

Green Lung Retrofit

Jerry Tate Architects would have iconic office block Tower 42 become a ΓÇÿgreen lungΓÇÖ. The building would be wrapped on all sides in a ΓÇÿgreen jacketΓÇÖ of flora which would help to cool excess heat.

The LidoLine

The LidoLine, designed by Y/N Architects, would have offered commuters the option to swim to work in the mornings ΓÇô as the RegentΓÇÖs Canal was to be a public waterway through the City.

If you could transform London into an eco-commuterΓÇÖs paradise, what would you do? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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