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Apps Away! How Can They Help?

Apps Away! How Can They Help?


But with an estimated 60% of these devices used in a business capacity, just what advantages can these increasingly clever devices offer the business user?

To find out, we dipped our toe into the virtual marketplace in order to identify a selection of Apps that could add real value (and one that will bring some joy) to your day-to-day toils…


#1 Evernote

Free to download on a range of formats, this useful app is perfect for capturing and collating information while on the move.

Allowing you to create and organise notes, pictures and voice clips via a single easy-to-use platform, Evernote also features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ΓÇô meaning that any text contained in your images, whether they be of whiteboards, notes or name tags at a conference, can be picked out, exported and even made searchable via the Evernote Application.

#2 Documents to Go

While you would no doubt like to avoid drafting a proposal or presentation on your mobile phone, Documents to Go could be your saviour if you ever find yourself having to do just that.

In addition to allowing you to view and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a selection of other file types, Documents to Go premium also allows you to create these document types from scratch. Featuring password protection, word count and a variety of useful formatting tools, Documents to Go provides a great tool to those on the move or in a tight spot.

#3 Dropbox

Acting as a portal to your hard drive, Dropbox allows you to share and download a variety of files from your computer via your Smartphone.

Synchronising your computer and mobile, Dropbox allows you to access and view any files placed in your dedicated Dropbox folder. Where this application comes into its own for business users, is by offering them the ability to share links to these files and bypass the tricky issue of off-site access and limited inboxes.

#4 Barcode Scanner

Turning your phone into a mobile price comparison tool by way of its camera, Barcode Scanning Apps are a great way of checking up on prices ΓÇô perfect for cost conscious businesses wanting to secure the best possible price on business related purchases.

#5 Angry Birds

This simple yet addictive game has taken the world by storm, with over 100 million downloads across all platforms and rumors of a movie spin-off ΓÇô this addictive little game, while nothing to do with business, is a sure fire way of keeping yourself entertained on the train, plane or tube whenever you need a distraction.


Have you got a suggestion for a useful app that you would like to share? If so why not let us know by posting a comment below?

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