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Appetite for Office Space Mergers Continues

Appetite for Office Space Mergers Continues

National accountancy firm Crowe Clark Whitehill (CCW) has announced that it will merge its West Midlands office space into a single location, with the recently refurbished Black Country House in Oldbury chosen as the location for this new centralised office.

With over 90 staff currently operating out of two separate offices, each located in Walsall and Kidderminster, the decision by the firm to merge its office space was born out of a desire to focus its resources and provide easier access to its client base, as Johnathan Dudley, CCWΓÇÖs Managing Partners explained:

“Rather than being city centre based, our location and accessibility to clients has been a high priority to us for the last 20 years.ΓÇ¥

“Our Midlands offices in Kidderminster and Walsall have served us well, but for some time, we have wanted to bring the two together.ΓÇ¥

“Uniting in one location will help bring to fruition our plans to further develop specialist and value added services.”

The desire to merge and centralise office space appears to have become increasingly popular during the last 12 months, with both the private and public sectors making regular appearances in the press for this very reason.

In March, has reported on three separate councils planning or in the process of carrying out a reduction and restructuring of their office space requirements.

CCW’s new office will be located at Black Country House in Oldbury and consist of single floor covering 10,500 sq. ft. The building recently underwent a £1.4m refurbishment.

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