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Anonymous and All-Knowing: The Most Powerful Businessmen

Anonymous and All-Knowing: The Most Powerful Businessmen

Is anonymity the key to real success in the world of big business?

While many an entrepreneur may aspire to the dizzy heights of Richard Branson, Sergey Brin or Mark Zuckerberg, the real puppet masters behind the world economy and infrastructure hold less profile… and a great deal more of the power.

We introduce the top 5 businessmen behind the worldΓÇÖs most influential companies as identified in the New Scientist report, ΓÇÿRevealed ΓÇô The Capitalist Network that Runs the WorldΓÇÖ.

Marcus Agius

Chairman, BarclayΓÇÖs PLC

If Marcus Agius was ever an unknown name in British households, it certainly isnΓÇÖt now.

The soon-to-be-ex Chairman has been in the headlines repeatedly in recent weeks, but before the Libor scandal was uncovered, BarclayΓÇÖs was – and still is – the most powerful financial group in the world, sat at the top of a list of the worldΓÇÖs most influential behind-the-scenes players, with Agius as its figurehead.

A gardener and an art collector, Agius is married to Katherine, the heir of the Rothschild banking empire, has two children and is involved with a number of groups including the Kew Foundation, the BBC and the Bilderberg Group.

David I. Fisher

Chairman, Capital Group Companies Inc.

Fisher has been with Capital Group Companies, asset management conglomerate and one of the worldΓÇÖs most influential businesses, since 1969.

Capital Group is over 80 years old can be found on the Fortune 500, S&P 500 and Dow Jones. It has over $1 trillion assets under management.

Next to nothing is known of Fisher aside from the corporate statement that indicates he has a strong financial background, is involved with a wide range of non-profit and academic groups and boards, and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Edward Johnson III

Chairman, FMR Corporation

Founded in 1946, Fidelity Investments (the spearhead of the FMR Corporation) controls $1.4 trillion worth of assets around the world. 81-year-old Edward ΓÇÿNedΓÇÖ Johnson III inherited the business from his father and is now in the process of handing the empire to his daughter, Abigail Johnson.

In 1957, three years after graduating from Harvard, Johnson joined his fatherΓÇÖs growing investment firm as a lowly research analyst, destined to be its eventual heir. By the time he took the helm in the 1970s, the company controlled $3.9 billion in assets.

Today, Johnson is worth up to $8 billion personally. From what is known of his lifestyle he lives in Boston and summers in Maine, works out regularly at his local gym and enjoys skiing and tennis.

Henri de Castries

Chairman, AXA

AXA is a French-based global investment company that earns over Γé¼86 billion annually working in the insurance and wealth management industries. In 2012, AXA was listed number 25 on the Forbes Global 500.

French-born Henri de La Croix de Castries is the fifth Comte de Castries and Chairman of AXA. He is also Chairman of the Bilderberg GroupΓÇÖs Steering Committee, a group of the elite and most powerful people in the world, widely believed to be mysteriously influential.

Of what is known of de CastriesΓÇÖ private life, he has three children and a penchant for freefalling, which he learned to love during his national service in the parachute regiment.

Jay L. Hooley

Chairman, State Street Corporation

The State Street Corporation is a financial services provider based in the United States with revenue of nearly $9 billion annually. It has $12.8 trillion assets under custody, according to its corporate website.

Joseph ΓÇÿJayΓÇÖ Hooley has been with State Street since the 1980s, working his way up through management to his current position as Chairman. At 55, Hooley earns over $16 million a year and runs the corporation that owns 22.8 million shares on the stock market.

Little is known about HooleyΓÇÖs personal life, except that he is a motorcycle enthusiast with four children and lives in Boston.

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