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Alastair Maloney Achieves ICON Status

Alastair Maloney Achieves ICON Status

Alastair Maloney achieves ICON status launched ICON – its performance and recognition scheme – in July last year. It is designed to push each individual to raise their game and reach their full potential, as well as raising the bar on standards and service delivery within the team.

To reach ICON status, consultants must hit five specific targets within the same month – each of which focus on different areas of the search process including tours, placements and revenue.

The scheme was always meant to be challenging and since it was launched last year, Account Manager Ally Maloney has become only the second consultant to reach the elusive ICON status by attaining all five targets.

But it was a natural step for Ally, according to Chris Meredith, head of UK Sales at

“It came as no surprise to me when I saw that Ally had achieved ICON status,” said Chris. “I constantly receive positive feedback from his clients and I am more than aware of some of the fantastic relationships that Ally has developed with his office providers.”

He added: “Ally will always give 100% to his clients and works hard to ensure that he is providing a high level of service to clients and office providers.”

As a reward for smashing his targets in June and showing how it should be done, Ally – who joined in November 2009 – will now receive a number of privileges including a cash prize, First Class travel when visiting office providers, and a certificate on the ‘ICON Wall of Fame’ at HQ.

To date only one other person has reached ICON status – Central London Account Manager Kirsty Lees – who was the first to do so in September 2010.

To keep the status, Ally must now repeat the challenge and hit all five targets at least once within the next quarter.

This is a challenge in itself, but if he manages to go one better by consistently hitting his ICON targets six months in a row, Ally will get the ultimate reward – involving an all-expenses-paid 5-star trip to London, an extra day’s annual leave, and his own ‘Hollywood Star’ in the office complete with an award ceremony.

The targets are difficult but attainable, according to MD Jim Venables. But he believes that every consultant has the ability to reach ICON and maintain it, which he says is all about encouraging his team to meet the challenge and tapping into their full potential.

“It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of hard work to reach and to maintain it,” he said, “but that’s what it’s all about, and I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think everyone here could reach it.

“Becoming an ICON means delivering a great service and performing consistently against five KPIs, which means our clients get the service they need and our consultants get the recognition they deserve.”

It remains to be seen whether Ally can up the ante and become the first to attain ICON six months in a row. But he is no stranger to hard work and based on his consistently high performance to date, he is certainly the favourite.

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