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A Helping Hand – Provider Information

A Helping Hand – Provider Information

A Helping Hand – Provider Information

Unqualified leads

Unqualified leads account for approximately 15% of all the leads we generate. The only time that these leads will be forwarded are outside of normal office hours and on weekends when our consultants are unable to pre-qualify the information received.

While many of the providers we work alongside want to see all the leads we receive ASAP, preferring to be within the loop rather than outside of it, we appreciate that not everyone works in such a sales focused way. As such you can opt out, receiving only those leads which have been fully qualified.

Key Points:

  • We only send unqualified leads outside normal working hours or weekends
  • We offer an “opt-out” service for out of hour enquiries
  • All unqualified leads are marked clearly
  • If you believe you are receiving unqualified leads outside of such time frames or would like to opt out, please get in touch and we will adapt our system to match your preferences.

    Centre Visits

    Consultant visits are important, providing an unrivaled insight in to what your offices can offer to potential clients. That is why each of our consultants ΓÇ£hit the roadΓÇ¥ several times each year in order to gain first-hand experience of the offices available within their area.

    We operate a request system, with those providers wishing a consultant to visit their property registering their interest in advance. To do this, speak to your consultant today.

    At present we visit around 100 providers each year, but in response to the feedback generated at the regional bca meetings we have set ourselves a target of visiting 240 providers in the next 6 months. This new target will form a standard that we will aim to repeat on an annual basis.

    Due to the number and geographical location of the offices we work alongside however, it will not always be possible to accommodate these requests, with the primary focus of each consultant of course being to help introduce and work leads directly from our head office.

    To counter this however we operate an ΓÇ£open-doorΓÇ¥ policy at the head office, so if we are unable to arrange a visit in a given time-frame ΓÇô you would always be welcome to visit us!

    Key Points:

  • Are available several times each year
  • Can be requested by speaking directly to your consultant
  • Are also available at our Head Office in Tamworth
  • Product Knowledge

    We can only promote features that we know about ΓÇô this is why scheduling a regular “check-up” for your online profile is essential. Does the description attached to your profile need updating? Have you added new services / facilities but forgotten to notify your consultant and / or our marketing team?

    If so, then you are restricting the number of potential clients being introduced to your office as a possible location for their business and should speak to us today.

    Here at we have a dedicated team of 6 individuals whose role is to keep building profiles up-to-date. This resource means all you have to do is pick-up the phone to get things moving and discuss the changes you need doing today.

    Key Points:

  • You will always know your product best
  • We rely on you to keep us up to date
  • Regular contact and updates are essential
  • ΓÇ£one callΓÇ¥ is all that is needed to make the changes you need
  • Call 0870 112 3667 (opt 2) or email

    ΓÇ£Blind BookingsΓÇ¥

    Both and its staff work within a sales led organisation. All targets outlined within the company are based on the number and quality of the clients placed.

    Feedback from bca members in Manchester suggested that some brokers were however engaging in this practice, the opinion of is that this is disruptive, unprofessional and of no commercial benefit to either party.

    If you have any concerns or believe this to have taken place please get in touch.

    Key Points:

  • 100% not part of how we work
  • Disruptive and unprofessional
  • Of no financial benefit to us or providers
  • ΓÇ£No-showΓÇ¥ office tours

    Our consultants work very hard to ensure that any tours they arrange go-ahead. In addition to pre and post tour phone calls, we also provide every client with an email confirming where and when the tour will take place and who the tour will be with ΓÇô the relevant provider is also always CCΓÇÖed into this correspondence.

    Given that we are working in partnership toward a common goal, the ΓÇ£no-showΓÇ¥ office tour is just as frustrating for us as it is for you.

    Key Points:

  • We work hard to avoid ΓÇ£No-ShowΓÇ¥ office tours
  • We appreciate they are a waste of your time
  • We ask you to understand they are a waste of our time too
  • If you are not receiving these updates:

    Call 0870 112 3667 (opt 2) or email

    Enquiries for Adjacent / Surrounding Areas

    No system, no matter how comprehensive, will work for everyone. While one provider may only be interested in clients specifying a very particular geographical area, another provider, operating nearby, will always want the chance to convert / convince that same client that their location would be better.

    In addition, while some clients may specify a particular location, the initial discussion and market overview may have identified that the client is open to locations in adjacent / surrounding areas.

    As a sales-led organisation we view every lead as an opportunity ΓÇô as do the vast majority of the most successful providers that we work alongside. Providing you with these same opportunities is our default stance, but if you feel that this does not suit you and wish to limit the leads we supply, please do just get in touch and we would be happy to adapt our system to match your preferences.

    Key Points:

  • Leads are viewed as an opportunity
  • Sales focused providers want every opportunity to convince / convert
  • We can adjust our system to restrict you to localised enquiries only
  • Contact Details:


    Tel: 0870 112 3667 (opt 2)


    Chris Meredith:

    Tel: 08444 128 733

    Mobile: 07709 349 571


    Simon Jones

    Tel: 0870 112 3667 (opt 2)



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