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A Bright Future for Serviced Space…

A Bright Future for Serviced Space…

As advances in technology are providing us with the opportunity to work remotely from any location in the world, could we witness a rise in businesses turning to serviced offices as they look for a flexible alternative to conventional office space?

The office space of the future is open to many predictions, but as companies continue to promote and develop flexible working options, change is already on the horizon. In a recent BBC article, technology giants Microsoft and Dell have predicted changes based on both the changing attitudes to the working day and the flexibility that new technological advancements enable.

Microsoft have introduced a forward thinking approach in their Amsterdam office as an example of the networking products they are promoting. Staff can choose where to sit depending on the current project and tasks that they are working on. They are encouraged to work from home when possible and have reported positive results including ΓÇ£a happier workforceΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£increased productivityΓÇ¥.

Dell have outlined their thoughts on future working habits with Director Bryan Jones telling the BBC that an employee of the future will be ΓÇ£less bound by physical location, by conventional work hoursΓÇ¥ and that ΓÇ£the performance of that employee is judged more by the output and indexed towards quality of output rather than the number of hours worked.”

Home working is on the rise, but perhaps there is a limit as concerns over productivity and the sensitivity of private data arise. In a survey by 71% of respondents turned their back on working from home with a fear of isolation being a key factor. It seems that people prefer to be in an office environment where they can ΓÇÿshow faceΓÇÖ and be amongst their colleagues.

Perhaps a serviced office is the office of the future. Co-workers can turn up to a shared workspace and utlise technologies such as cloud computing and ultra-fast internet. Businesses arenΓÇÖt required to commit to long term rental leases, with serviced offices offering short term licence agreements that allow for companies to either expand or contract the space they have taken whilst adding on features such as meeting rooms and reception services at their convenience. Companies would be able to have a hub of smaller offices rather than a central, and often costly head office, allowing for staff to reduce commuting times whilst still maintaining that office experience.

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