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89% Bad Bosses Demotivating Workforce

89% Bad Bosses Demotivating Workforce

Would you rather be hungover, holding a credit card bill and facing a messy house than talking to your boss?

An international survey from Development Dimensions International (DDI), which polled nearly 1300 workers from around the world, has revealed that most of their survey respondents would.

As well as rating talking to the boss worse than many other dreaded tasks, the majority of unhappy international employees find their managers:

ΓÇó Not motivational (89%)

ΓÇó Not calm or constructive (70%)

ΓÇó Not good for self-esteem (60%)

ΓÇó A good reason to quit (55%)

If they were working for their ΓÇÿbest everΓÇÖ boss, 79% of the same respondents claim they would be significantly more productive. But since theyΓÇÖre not, nearly half declare that even if they could bring themselves to do better for their current manager, they wouldnΓÇÖt.

ΓÇ£We wanted to hear how the customers of leaders themselves saw their managers and bosses,ΓÇ¥ explains Simon Mitchell, DDI UK director and a co-author of the report, Lessons for Leaders from the People Who Matter. ΓÇ£Workers report that managers fail to ask for their ideas and input, are poor at work-related conversations and do not provide sufficient feedback on their performance, so itΓÇÖs no wonder employee engagement levels are low.ΓÇ¥

In 2010 a previous DDI survey found that 87% of bosses rated themselves either ΓÇÿgoodΓÇÖ or ΓÇÿexcellentΓÇÖ even though 53% were found struggling to gain commitment from their staff. Apparently, there are a lot of bosses out there wondering why no one in their department is putting in much of an effort.

Are the worldΓÇÖs leaders failing the workforce? Or is this just a gripe as old as the working world?

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