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7 Ways to Power Up Your Productivity in the Office

7 Ways to Power Up Your Productivity in the Office

Looking for ways to be more productive in the office? We take a look at seven ways to get more out of every working day.

1. Say no to multi-tasking

YouΓÇÖre answering your emails and putting together a presentation while checking your social media feeds. Think youΓÇÖre multi-tasking? The reality is that youΓÇÖre dividing all your resources ΓÇô energy, attention and time, into three, giving each task just a third of the attention it deserves.

Worse still, as a study by the University of California has demonstrated, youΓÇÖre actually increasing the time it will take you to complete those tasks ΓÇô by as much as 40%.

In other words, multi-tasking is a myth. Stick to a streamlined schedule and complete one task at a time and youΓÇÖll have a far more productive day.

2. Identify your soundtrack to find focus

Some people swear by silence, while others canΓÇÖt cope without the constant blare of heavy metal. The optimum background noise for enhanced productivity actually lies somewhere between the two.

While experts will tell you the ideal volume levels to aid concentration and wellbeing in the office, itΓÇÖs down to you to find the soundtrack that works best for you. As a starting point, sound expert Julian Treasure recommends birdsong, the sea, classical music or silence. Why not try them all and see what works?

3. Upgrade your tech

According to a recent study crashing computers are one of the biggest causes of desk rage in the office. Why? Because poorly performing tech can make tasks a lot more time-consuming than they need to be. So invest in the best tech you can afford and make sure youΓÇÖve got the most suitable software for the job.

But remember, that upgradeΓÇÖs not a one-time thing ΓÇô make sure youΓÇÖre committed to regular updates. If your tech is running efficiently, thatΓÇÖs one less thing slowing you down.

4. Admit defeat

Not actually as negative as it sounds. That task youΓÇÖve been chipping away at for the last four hours? If youΓÇÖve seen no progress then itΓÇÖs time to down tools and take a break. Countless studies have shown that regular breaks boost concentration and creative thinking. Go back to that project feeling refreshed and youΓÇÖll be far more productive.

5. Keep your desk tidy

According to a recent study by experts at Lancaster University, a messy desk is a serious productivity killer. It revealed that across the UK, 37.5m working days are wasted each year while workers search their desks for lost paperwork. That works out at 1.5 days per year per worker ΓÇô and thatΓÇÖs a lot of time you could be spending on doing actual work instead.

6. Master the art of delegation

Feel like a jack-of-all-trades in the office? Identify which tasks are actually part of your job and do those first. Any time youΓÇÖve got left over can be spent on those other tasks ΓÇô if you have time. And if you donΓÇÖt? Delegate. Identify someone else on your team to handle those tasks.

Freelancer? Solopreneur? Learn which tasks you can outsource. ItΓÇÖs not as tricky as it sounds ΓÇô if you choose to work from a serviced office centre youΓÇÖll have a range of support staff onsite, doing everything from telephone answering to cleaning, maintenance chores to greeting visitors.

7. Stop blaming your office

Creating the right working environment can definitely enhance your productivity. Comfortable seating, suitable lighting and the right temperature all help to eliminate distractions.

But stop obsessing. Every element of your office does not need to be organised along feng shui principles in order for you to complete that report. Learn to let go ΓÇô and get on with it.

How do you boost your productivity levels in the office? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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