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7 Signs a Serviced Office Could Be the Solution

7 Signs a Serviced Office Could Be the Solution

Need more time? Want to understand your office costs upfront? Preparing for future expansion? We reveal the signs that a serviced office could be the answer to your business dilemma.

Time Money Work 7 Signs a Serviced Office could be the solution

1. You need more time to focus on core business activities

ItΓÇÖs a well-established fact that day-to-day office management tasks take up valuable business development time. And when youΓÇÖre busy building up your business, time is of the essence. By choosing a serviced office, you gain more time to focus on those core business activities which actually make you money.

How? The onsite management team provide a wide range of support to ensure the smooth running of your office on a daily basis, from greeting visitors and answering calls to office maintenance tasks such as keeping everywhere clean and well presented.

2. YouΓÇÖre concerned about making a long-term commitment

Maybe youΓÇÖre a new business. Maybe youΓÇÖre uncertain how soon the next expansion will happen. Or maybe youΓÇÖre simply looking for a little flexibility from your business premises. There are lots of reasons which make businesses cautious about taking on a long-term lease.

The good news is serviced offices come with short-term rental agreements ΓÇô freeing you from making a big financial commitment. How short is short? A typical serviced office licence length is around eight months, although they can sometimes start from just a month.

3. You want to understand the costs of your office space upfront

Which is a logical and sensible approach. After all, running an office is a complex process: thereΓÇÖs the space itself, then the furniture, the utilities, internet connection ΓÇô oh, and the business rates, phone systems and ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

When you rent a serviced office, youΓÇÖll get an inclusive rental rate which typically includes utilities, building insurance, business rates, cleaning, maintenance and even desks and chairs.

And thatΓÇÖs just for starters. Depending on the office you choose, your rental rate may also include internet use, free meeting room access and even gym facilities. Business centres typically give you the flexibility to build a package around the facilities and services you need.

4. You want an easy way to network with other businesses

Business networking is essential but itΓÇÖs also time consuming. Fortunately, many business centres make it a whole lot easier, by taking an active role in encouraging their tenants to mingle.

Many will host events such as breakfast meet-ups, talks or more formal networking afternoons. Some of these events may even involve the wider local community. So youΓÇÖll also get to know businesses based nearby ΓÇô and all you need to do is stroll down the hall (and maybe take the lift).

5. You want the flexibility to expand as and when you need to

If future expansion is on the cards but youΓÇÖre not sure when, then itΓÇÖs good to know you have an easy option to expand your office space ΓÇô i.e. one that doesnΓÇÖt involve leasing extra space just in case.

Many business centres have the capacity to allow tenants to expand and take extra space ΓÇô again, usually at short notice. And of course, this spares you all the hassle of relocating when you need more space ΓÇô youΓÇÖll be able to keep your address and save time packing and unpacking.

6. You want your new office ASAP

Itching to get settled into your new office and down to work? When you want to get your office up and running ASAP, serviced office space is ideal.

Once youΓÇÖve signed your agreement, it could be a matter of days before you move into your new office. In fact, most businesses can be in their new office within a month.

And when youΓÇÖre ready to move in? YouΓÇÖll usually find that your serviced office is ready furnished, while internet access is usually installed. With this kind of plug-and-play convenience, all you need to do is bring your computer, your files ΓÇô oh, and your staff.

7. YouΓÇÖre taking on your very first office

Congratulations! Sounds like exciting times are ahead. As weΓÇÖve already mentioned (see especially point 3 above), setting up an office can be complicated, even for seasoned office seekers. If itΓÇÖs your first time renting an office then it can be difficult to really understand what you want and what will work best for your business.

Choosing a serviced office simplifies the process, and thanks to short-term agreements, youΓÇÖll only need to commit to renting for a few months to get started. This leaves you free to re-evaluate your options just a few months down the line. So you donΓÇÖt need to worry about getting it 100% right first time.

All in all, serviced offices are a great way to find your feet in the world of office space.

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