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5 Ways You Could Be Wasting Money on Office Space

5 Ways You Could Be Wasting Money on Office Space

Looking for ways to save money on office space? Make sure you avoid these five money-wasting ways.

1. Not using a broker

Some brokers (including us) provide a free office search service, which means it costs you nothing to use our expertise and resources to find your office space.

Think of us as recruitment consultants, but for office space. Not only will we work hard to find you the right space, but here at our team of consultants are experts at negotiating deals to get your space at the best rate we can.

Even if you choose to take space, thereΓÇÖs no fee to you ΓÇô so why not give it a try?

2. Having a desk for every team member

Desk ownership is old school. Today, big companies like Accenture and Vodafone operate hot desking policies, with only enough space for around two-thirds to three-quarters of their staff at any one time.

Instead, offer your team remote working options. Chances are, theyΓÇÖll leap at the opportunity and youΓÇÖll save money on the number of workstations you need to rent. Winners all round.

3. Not sharing

A recent survey by ZipCar revealed that many startups believe sharing resources is the key to business survival in those early years. Office space was the most popular shared infrastructure resource among those surveyed.

From a private office within a shared business centre to co-working within a shared office space, todayΓÇÖs flexible office options provide business owners with a wealth of ways to share and save.

4. Looking too far ahead

Planning ahead is always a good thing but committing to more space than you need right now could well be a mistake.

Flexible offices make it easy to upsize (or downsize, for that matter) at relatively short notice, thanks to lease agreements which tend to last months rather than years. This means you can get that extra space when you actually need it. So why pay for more space than you need?

5. Not making the most of all-inclusive packages

When you choose serviced offices, youΓÇÖll usually have access to a range of onsite facilities and services, many of which may be included as part of your rental rates. So find out whatΓÇÖs included and make the most of it.

Better still, find out whatΓÇÖs included at each of the offices youΓÇÖre considering before you commit, so that you can make a true like-for-like comparison on what each office option will really cost you.

Need more help searching for an office? Call the officebroker team on 0203 305 9434.

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